The Evolution of Tawanda

Some of you may be wondering "who is this Tawanda and what's so great about sequins & eyeliner?"  Well friends this is a story that begins during the torturous years of high school.  My real name is Alison. There was once a time where I didn't really like myself at all. I wasn't confident, I worried about what people thought of me, and I was really quite boring.  Growing up in small town Alabama, sticking out is the surest form of social suicide.  I wasn't considered popular, skinny, atheletic, talented blah blah blah. Let's just say I hated most of high school.

Then there came a day where I had had enough.  It was time I quit worrying about others and made a statement. Something drastic. I realized how freakin awesome I am and I wasn't going to sit around and let all that I am be covered up by fear. I wanted to be..... different ( *gasp*) !!!

So I created Tawanda. My alter ego. Meet Tawanda:

The Haircut

Tawanda is never nervous, self-concious, or in need of a confidence boost.  She is who she is and doesn't apologize for it.  She's strong and so very alive.  Since creating my alter ego I've allowed myself to explore who I am. I've learned to really love myself.  This is not to say I don't have my bad days like everyone else, but I'm not bound by social constraints to be something that I don't want to be.

Tawanda typically manifests herself via my wardrobe and hairstyle. She's gone through some pretty wild looks since her creation in 2008. Here is a small glimpse of the evolution from Alison to Tawanda:

Summer 2007- Pre-Tawanda

January 2008 - Tawanda takes on the pageant world/discovers her true diva self.

November 2008- Tawanda goes to her first college formal

February 2009- words cannot describe how much my mother hated this look 

August 2010- Tawanda moves to Auburn; normal hair, not so normal everything else.

March 2011- Tawanda goes to Singer's formal with a kindred spirit- Tyreeq (aka Dusty)

I'll be updating this page periodically as Tawanda evolves into yet another fabulous, fake eyelash wearing, bedazzled, wanna-be drag queen.