Friday, June 24, 2011

Freaking Out

I resisted from Friday was  tempting though.

I'm preparing for my last final which will occur tomorrow at 4pm. Yes, you read that correctly, a final on Saturday. If that's not considered cruel and unusual I don't know what is. Although most of my day was dedicated to studying and stressing out about studying I did manage to do some quality procrastinating.

I took extra time this morning to get ready. I had nothing to do I just wanted to look pretty. Besides getting ready came with the added bonus of not studying. After getting dressed and accessorized I thought you lovely readers would like to see the product of all my grooming. Especially since the only people who did see it today were the McDonald's cashiers.

Dress- Old Navy (borrowed from roommate)

Bracelet- found at an estate sale;
Neclace- Target
Rings- gifts from Moms
All my picture taking made me realize just how hard it is to take a picture when you're alone. I'm going to invest in a camera with a self timer...

Speaking of McDonald's did y'all know they just came out with a Rolo McFlurry? I know, I'm excited about it too. I didn't get one though. Mostly because I'm broke and the dollar menu is more my budget right now.  Also, when did McDonald's get so fancy? I went inside today because the drive thru was ridiculous and the whole place has this minimalist vibe to it. I tried to get a picture, but mine kind of sucks. I felt weird taking a picture of the inside of Mickey D's with all the gangsters, grandmas, and screaming kids watching me. 

This is so NOT the McDonald's of my childhood.

Since we're on the topic of foods....

GIANT strawberry!

My wonderful roommate, Danielle, made chocolate covered strawberries tonight. They were the juciest most giant strawberries I've ever had. mmmmm....I hope there's some left in the kitchen. 

Anywho, some of you who've visited my blog before may have noticed some new stuff I added today. I now have The Page Turner up and running (even though it is a little rough). 

I've begun my summer reading list and decided that I would share what literature I will be reading in the next few months. If anyone wants to read along with me that could be fun, so just let me know! I'll also be doing a little review of each book. I'll link each review to the title if anyone cares to read them. I hope to finish the entire list by the time school starts in the fall (Aug. 17th). Needless to say, I have a considerable amount to get through. I've already finished the first book (The Gunslinger, The Dark Tower series book I; Stephen King) I will be updating the "Current Reads" icon (in the top left corner, just in case you're blind) as I begin new books. Up next:

The Dark Tower series - Book 2
Anyone have any suggestions for books to add? Delete? Is anyone reading this?

Well if someone is reading this, thanks. You should definitely follow me too. (Just start clicking around the right side of the page and you can like me in all kinds of ways...)

(that wasn't an innuendo)

Well I think that about does it for today you guys. However, I can't resist. My alliteration has just GOT to come out....


Emma & Sister photobooth session- Summer 2009
sigh...she has grown so much :(
My "Peter Pan" look

Me and Danielle (my roomie) - and yes, I know my roots were bad, it was a phase...
Well that was fun. That's definitely happening every Friday. I had way too much fun digging through old pictures. 

Crap, look at the time. See? I keep finding ways to not study. Ok people I'd love to hear from y'all. Leave me some comments ( the "people got stuff to say" section in between posts) and follow me via bloglovin/google (look up at the right). Thanks so much!

Goodnight all.

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