Saturday, June 11, 2011

You've Got A Friend

Yesterday was a bad day. I've had bad days before, but this was the kind of bad day that made you want to curl up in bed and forget about the world. That is precisely what I did for most of the morning.  I curled up in my uber comfy bed and wallowed.

As I was watching Sex & The City (while throwing Rollos and Sprees at the TV-- nobody's life is that cool or glamorous. ) I realized that those four women were really great friends to each other. Just as I was thinking how jealous I was I realized I have those kinds of friends.

I have a giant group of friends that always know how to make me feel better. My lovely friends have taken care of me when I needed them, listened to me when I was upset, and been genuinely happy for me when good things happen.  That's really hard to come by. And so yesterday I got myself out of bed and called up a good friend....

My wonderful Dusty came and picked me up to go to the pool with some of his friends, Josh and Jake.  We managed to get into the Moore's Mill Country Club pool where we then spent our afternoon doing what we do best. Picking on people.  If it were a sport, Dusty and I would win the gold, seriously.  We commented on everything from the fancy shmancy people who belong to country clubs to the marine life in the pool ( think whale ).

We also had a debate as to what is the best pizza here in Auburn.  These jokers said Little Caesar's....they clearly were exposed to led paint as a child. Everyone knows the best pizza in Auburn, AL is at either Little Italy or Hungry Howie's.  So yesterday I opened their eyes to the yumminess that is Hungry Howie's. Mmmm, their flavored crust is surpassed by none.  I could literally eat the ranch crust everyday and be a happy camper.

Anyway, last night my roomie's boyfriend, Rexton Lee was playing at the Oyster Bar ( really he's my roommate too, he's here all the time. I call him the brother I never had and never wanted ).  He's a really great musician and it was his first time playing there.  So me, my roommates, some of their work friends and our other friends in town all got dolled up and listened to Rex.  It was really a fun night and I was so very glad I made myself go.

I would have posted pictures from yesterday but my phone died at the Oyster Bar and I didn't think about it at the pool.  So instead I'll leave you with a song by CCR that Rex played last night.  I can't get out of my head!

Alrighty dears, I'm about to get ready for a night at home. The Jazz Fest is tonight at the amphitheater on Lake Martin and yet another Singer friend, Mallory is coming with me!  Yay for girls night!  I promise I'll take pictures this time.

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  1. you're adorable and so is your blog. Can you make mine as awesome as yours? Seriously...

    love you!!