Thursday, June 9, 2011

To begin-

Well. I've decided to attempt blogging again. I use to have one back in the day, but it really turned into me attempting to sound older and far cooler than I actually am. So I'm going to have another go at it. I won't make any promises, this very well could turn into yet another "Neglected Alison Project."

I'm also not exactly sure as to what to write about. I've been creeping other blogs and it seems that all of my favorite ones are about young/cool/eclectic/expectant mothers with young children. Given that I don't fit into that category I don't have any interesting projects, child safety tips, or diy kid projects to post. (Actually I don't have diy projects to post period. I rarely do it myself. I typically buy things or look at what other people have done say "well isn't that neat" and go about my business.)

I've also come across blogs from girls who seem to live their life in an Urban Outfitter's photoshoot. I am also not this girl. I may try to look like this girl, wish I could pull off vaguely tacky styles like this girl, and be as socially "aware" as this girl appears, but alas, I am not this girl.  This is not to say I have no style or opinions, I'm full of both.

My lifestyle is not cool and different. I eat meat and artificial flavoring. I waste paper. I don't recycle. I don't shop at thrift stores.  I often over spend. I'm constantly negligent about my health.  Now all of this is not because I don't care about earth or because I'm not conscientious to care or know the difference. I take a "Whatever gets the job done quickest" approach to my daily business. I guess most people would say this makes my lifestyle lazy. I call it average and slightly apathetic.

This is me (being goofy) .

This is me doing what I love most.  Performing, entertaining, singing, putting on a show.....

Showchoir- The Auburn University Singers

And this is me and my favorite person in the entire world...

My sister- Emma

Well folks that's all for now.  I shall return with more of me shortly, drag queen make up and all.

xoxo- Tawanda

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