Monday, June 20, 2011

My Bad-

Well I did exactly what I thought I would. I neglected the blog.  Well I'll attempt to do a quick overview of what I've been up to the past week or so.  Let's see....

Well I think I left off with the Jazz Fest. My friend Mallory and I went to my hometown to visit with my grandparents and then go see Mofro at the Lake Martin Amphitheater.  We were going to lay out but of course it started to pour down rain. So instead we picked oh so yummy blueberries!

We ate more than we yummy.
The bushes were LOADED with berries.
Mallory didn't want to take a picture...
I ate far too many blueberries. But after we picked we got ready and went to the concert with my Meme and Billy. Now it may seem odd to some of you that I party with my grandparents, but really they rock. We had a blast. Mofro was too awesome for words. Really. They played my favorite song by them "A Woman."

I had some better pictures, Mallory took some, but for some reason it's not letting me upload them... poop. There were some really great ones of Mofro.

Anywho, last week was a week for movies. I saw "Super 8" with my mom and then "Mr. Popper's Penguin's" with my friend Sam and his brother Will.  Super 8 was fantastic. Like this generations "Goonies" meets "The Lost Boys" meets something vaguely Steven King-ish. I liked it. The penguin movie was cute, but I really had expected it to be funnier. Definitely a wait to rent for those of you wondering. 

Moving right along....

Last Wednesday I started a little DIY project for my balcony. My balcony here in the Garden District has been in a state of disrepair since my roomies and I moved in. Well they finally came and fixed it. (Thank god, because we were close to falling in....and I really wanted to sue for a new spine....) My mother bought me a little bistro set for my birthday (it's still a month away but I got it early) and I went to the thrift store to find a chair. I meant to take a before and after picture but I forgot. So you get the after. 

I literally couldn't hold a pen the next day from all of the spray painting I did. But I'm in love with our balcony. We have christmas lights strung up around the railing and it's really nice out there at night. I felt like Martha Stewart :)

Last Friday after the penguin movie I got to see some of my extended family at Cock of the Walk. Some of my cousins were in town visiting from Texas so me and 13 other family members chowed down. I was so glad I went. I had a slight time constraint and almost didn't go. That night Rex played at the Oyster Bar again and we all went out to listen. As usual it was fun. I got all fancy, put on make up, did my was good. I needed to be glamorous for a second. ( I also got all vain for a second....)

I told you I got all vain....
Saturday I went home to visit with my mom and be in town for Father's Day. I was (as usual) guilted into going to church with my dad. It's not that I object to church per se... it's more I object to going to the hellfire and brimestone hillbilly church that has this horrible choir. 

I'm being serious. This choir doesn't come anywhere close to a joyful noise. I'm pretty sure Jesus cries. Not only that, but there are these three women who are clearly known as the "singers" of the church. You know they type. They have a solo every Sunday. Even when singing with the choir, they have a solo. Granted they are the best ones in the choir, but that's also like saying they are best dancers in a group of paraplegics. So I endured an hour of underpitch songs, including every single verse of "Just As I Am." You southern Baptists out there know what I'm talking about. If someone doesn't go down to the front to kneel at the pulpit you best believe the preacher is going to do every verse of a song, if not repeat the song, until somebody "comes on down." 

The highlight of Sunday's service was the gift bags they gave the fathers that came with mini snickers and mints. And since my lovely sister Emma is the cutest kid ever they gave her an extra one...that I stole under the pretext that it was getting close to nap time. tee hee. ( What? I'm her sister. Being mean is part of my job description)

Well it was not her naptime, so we played with chalk and she showed me how awesome she is getting at bike riding.....

Ok, I think I'm all caught up. It's finals week for the first mini-mester so if I disappear again for the week don't hold it against me. I'll leave y'all with my all time favorite song by Mofro. It's sex. No really though. It's the sexiest song I've ever heard. siighhhhh........


  1. We need to have a deckwarming party at your place in G district when I get back from Wyoming next week! Haha I had to visit a hellfire and brimstone church two weeks ago it is an experience :)

  2. You seriously made me LOL. And I thought you wrote "...they have a solo even when the church is closed..." lol love you
    Love you