Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Real Quick-

I'm going home today and I need to be in Montgomery in an hour. But I really wanted to get Tawanda's Tuesday Tunes and Tirades done first. So today's tirade....

Nancy Grace. Need I say more? Yea didn't think so. Just look at her.

I've been obsessed with the whole Casey Anthony trial, and of course so is Nancy. Last night in particular she went on a rampage bc the defense tried to claim insanity. Well this just happened to be one of the few times I agreed with Ms. Grace. What bothers me to no end is the helmet hair and that ever present look on her face that she's just a step away from nailing the "bad guys" herself.  She also seems like a gossip monger, like she just can't help herself. She's torn Lindsey Lohan to pieces before. Anyway, I've decided I need to take over her job. HLN really needs me to whether they know it or not. I swear if I see her do a fake cry at the end of her show one more time....

It's sad that I know all this. It means I watch her show. Not because I like it, but  purely because I get sucked into her vortex of bad hair and interrupting her guests and I just can't stop watching.

Tawanda's Tusday Tunes

1. "Santeria" Sublime

Sublime is such good summertime music. In fact I shall be listening to them on my drive to Montgomery. And fyi they're doing a comeback with Rome. I think the new song is called "Panic," if anyone is interested. 

2. "Pursuit of Happiness" Kid Cudi, ft. MGMT

I don't know if I like the video or the song more. It's a good getting ready song or if you're feeling particularly angsty towards other people. 

3. "Daydreamer" Adele

I'm shocked I haven't put Adele on here sooner. I'm obsessed with everything about her. She's completely gorgeous and her voice is AMAZING. This isn't even her best song, I just was in the mood for it this morning. 

Anywho, hope y'all enjoy... sorry today's was so short, but I'm running on a tight schedule this morning. And btw, anybody have any ideas for songs on Tuesday's tunes? Or rants for my tirades? I'd love to hear them!

Have a great day!

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